Emily Seeboo

Emily Seeboonruang is an Air Force Veteran that served a deployment overseas in Baghdad. During boot camp, she was so intent on staying fit that she would train after ‘lights out’. This earned her the nickname, “Miss Pilates”, after she was caught by her training instructor. Being a fitness instructor and a cook for the Air Force reinforced her love of teaching wellness.

With a B.S. in Kinesiology from CSUN, Emily has a passion for nutrition, movement, and helping others to lead a healthy lifestyle. Being physically active has always been a part of her life. Whether it was playing tennis in high school, or doing yard work at her ranch house in North Hollywood, Emily is always on the move.

Emily is a certified FRC Mobility Specialist and Strength & Conditioning coach. She understands that there are prerequisites required for certain movements, in terms of range of motion, in order to be performed efficiently. She has built her craft customizing clients programs with regressions and progressions. For her, a client’s wellness comes first, and she has the knowledge to help them achieve their goals safely.