Throughout my pregnancy with my son, I felt really comfortable under the guidance of the professional team of personal trainers at inShape.  They were extremely knowledgable about my limitations and suggested tons of modified exercises.  I felt energized throughout the term of my pregnancy and had an easy delivery.”


Before inShape, I was a couch potato — unmotivated, no stamina, and muscles like sponges!!!  Today, after more than a year of training, I can’t wait for the next session — motivated and feeling physically fit.  Many thanks to the staff at inShapefor putting up with me!!!  It’s been GREAT.


Going through the body transformation program was an experience of a lifetime for me.  Not only did it get my body in the best shape that it has ever been, it had also made me realize what my body was capable of doing.  The physical and mental endurance I have gained through these six weeks is of life long value.  Thank you inShape.